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The role of HR in supporting goal management and setting appropriate performance criteria is very important. Your managers are looking to you for information, resources and guidance throughout the performance management process. But more specifically when it comes to goal setting and identifying job responsibilities you can assist by providing the following:

Number 1 Work with the manager on a well crafted job description. I'm taking you back a bit into the first phase of the employment cycle € Recruit! I know we aren't recruiting for the role. However, ensure the manager and employee fully understands his or her job responsibilities. It's key to developing the right goals for the position. In my experience, we used very generic job descriptions. Having clarity will be helpful.

Number 2 Provide your workforce with a tool to document and develop goals. You're best bet is to make an investment in a software that'll allow both the employee and supervisor to work collaboratively.

Number 3 You can also set up a training session with open discussion and activities.

And finally, one more idea for you. #4. Set up some office hours specifically for reviewing and revising goals on a monthly basis. Don't let this be a check in the box exercise.

Christina Danforth


Christina Danforth

Christina A. Danforth, SHRM-SCP & SPHR, launched HR Jetpack in 2016 to support the development and professional growth of her fellow HR colleagues. She started her HR career in 2002....

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