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Do's and Don'ts

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Do's and Don'ts

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I find it helpful to summarize the "Dos" and "Don'ts":

First, use the SMART method when reviewing management's goals. Don't be vague.

Next, ensure they identified JUST enough objectives for the position. This is where the job description comes in handy. Don't set too many or too few.

Also, challenge the cost of measurement. Don't ignore the financial aspect of achieving or missing a goal.

Remember the importance of commitment. The manager must be just as committed to the goal as the employee. Don't approve a goal without commitment.

And finally, promote the revision of goals to your workforce. Don't underestimate the power of revising goals.

Christina Danforth


Christina Danforth

Christina A. Danforth, SHRM-SCP & SPHR, launched HR Jetpack in 2016 to support the development and professional growth of her fellow HR colleagues. She started her HR career in 2002....

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