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HR Strategic Planning

  • Format: Self-Paced
  • Course Duration: 1 hrs 2 mins
  • SHRM Professional Development Credits: 1
  • HRCI Business Recertification Credits: 1
  • Certificate of Completion

If you were asked to collaborate with your organizational leaders on the development and implementation of a strategic plan, would you know what to do? HR plays an integral role in this critical initiative. The strategic business plan is meant to provide the appropriate guidance and direction necessary for staying relevant in the marketplace. Without it, we will not be able to compete and continually adapt to the shifting demands of our customers.

Today’s HR professional MUST understand not only what strategic planning is but also how to develop a plan which aligns with the organization’s mission, vision and goals. In this course, you’ll learn how we, as Human Resources professionals, identify and implement a plan to move the organization where it wants and needs to be.

During this course you’ll not only learn what strategic planning is but also HRs role in the strategic planning process. You’ll also learn about conducting an external and internal analysis, the development of talent for future success and evaluating success.

Demonstrate your value as an HR professional and learn the strategic planning process from start to finish.

Hayley Buonopane


Hayley Buonopane

With nearly two decades in the Human Resources field, Hayley is a subject matter expert with a specialty in workplace planning and development, employee relations, organizational development, and talent acquisition....

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