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Business Plans: Why HR Pros Should Care

  • Format: Self-Paced
  • Course Duration: 1 hrs 0 mins
  • SHRM Professional Development Credits: 1
  • HRCI Business Recertification Credits: 1
  • Certificate of Completion

Please note: This course is a recording from a live session.

Would you attempt to build any extensive, complex project without a plan? A plan outlines the steps and actions needed to establish the foundation for any such endeavor and handling the creation and development of a business or organization is no different.

A well-developed business plan adheres to time-tested principles and structure. Gaining an understanding of its content, use, and value is important to anyone dealing with the multiple operations within an enterprise.

This course will cover all the topics which are commonly found in a business plan and discuss the relevance of each to different audiences. Questions like, what is the most important use of the plan and how is the plan transformed into goal-oriented actions, will be answered. Continue your development as an HR Business Partner by learning about business plans and their value to your organization.

Jack Antonich


Jack Antonich

Over the course of his career, Jack has provided various business services to hundreds of companies throughout the U.S. including United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Siebel Systems, Staples Communications, and Shared...

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