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Organizational Culture Examples

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Organizational Culture Examples

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Let’s examine some of the guiding principles and questions and associate them with the previous 6 values including Trust, Empathy, Fairness, Truthfulness, Responsibility, and Organizational Citizenship.

Do leaders and employees take a personal interest in each other? This is closely associated to the values of empathy and responsibility.

Does leadership embrace truthful communication reflecting the value of truthfulness?

Are leaders being responsible by knowing their employees career goals?

Are employees able to reach out to clients to maintain existing relationships and create new ones on their own or do they need to go through leadership for this, demonstrating the value of trust?

Let’s examine some fragments of the corporate cultures from two popular organizations, American Express and Google.

First, American Express.

Efforts to build a winning culture – one which diversity, the value of empathy, is a key component – are part of an evolution at American Express. The company’s initiative, Building a Winning Culture: Accountability Counts, has created an environment in which leaders are not only encouraged, but expected to integrate diversity into their business objectives, with a strong emphasis on accountability, using the value of responsibility.

Second, Google.

Although Google has grown a lot since it started in 1998 they maintain a small company feel. During lunchtime workers mingle among departments in the office café. Their commitment to innovation depends on everyone openly sharing ideas and opinions, reflecting Trust. There are very few solo offices at Google, most staff share huddle rooms. Every employee is a hands-on contributor, and equally part of their success, demonstrating Responsibility. It’s not uncommon for employees to pose questions to the co-founders themselves in their weekly group meetings utilizing trust and truthfulness on Google’s part. Google is aggressive in their hiring with offices around the world and is careful that their hiring practices model the global audience they serve, or Empathy.

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