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Course Objectives

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By the time we are finished today, I hope you will be conversant with 8 objectives. I hope you will understand what each one means, and have the tools to utilize these ideas to help you grow your organization in a strategic, targeted, cost effective manner when you are developing your recruiting plan.

Number 1 - Understand the different types of recruiting specifics (skill vs. cultural fit) –What is different between the two?

Number 2 - Explain which is preferred to wind up with the "Best Candidate" – in other words which one is preferred and why I believe this method is preferable to the other.

Number 3 - Describe the Business Case – Return on Investment for hiring the "Right" Candidate - I will show you some numbers gathered by several world-renowned experts when it comes to the bottom line when you hire the “Right Candidate”

Number 4 - Describe the Business Case (ROI) for Hiring the "Wrong" Candidate - I will also discuss some numbers from the same experts, to show what hiring the wrong candidate will cost you.

Number 5 - Explain how the proper cultural fit will lead to Employee Engagement – I will make a direct correlation between hiring for the correct cultural fit and employee engagement.

Number 6 - Explain why Employee Engagement is good for business – I will discuss why this is important for your business

Number 7 - Identify latest tips and trends in overall recruiting - As I said in the introduction, I will give you a “blueprint” in hiring tips and trends to help you craft the best hiring plan for your organization.

Number 8 - Identify best practices to achieve the goal of hiring the best candidate and I will identify the best practices needed to actually hire the best candidate!

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Lois Krause

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