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Who’s the Boss?

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Who’s the Boss?

  • Course: AI for HR
  • Module: A New Workplace
  • Lesson Type: Video
  • Lesson Duration: 2:16

Lesson Content

Throughout the course, I’ve touched on the idea that AI doesn’t necessarily take away jobs, but it automates certain tasks. In some cases, the tasks that it can do well relate to making decisions. At some organizations, those decision-making tasks are relatively high-level, traditionally held by management or board members. In fact, some of the most profitable companies in the world are developing AI systems to handle critical aspects of running their organizations.

Tasks such as determining where to place investments, long-term planning, succession strategies, functions of daily operations and other decisions historically made by “the boss”. The capabilities of AI are encouraging some of today’s companies to completely rethink what an organization’s structure should look like. How should an organization best function? What kinds of decisions should people be making? What kinds of decisions do computers make more reliably than people?

To be clear, I don’t think anyone should expect that a robot is going come rolling down the hall one day beeping out orders. However, just because you continue working with people, for people, doesn’t mean that your tasks were determined by people. Maybe today’s work was assigned by the company’s AI, or the project you were assigned to came from the AI, or maybe even more abstractly perhaps the company’s 3-year plan was comprised in part by a strategy the AI developed.

If you think about it, most of us do the work that we were assigned without really questioning where it came from, without really worrying about how many steps in the company’s bureaucracy lead to that particular task landing on our desk. And so, if several steps removed from you, if it wasn’t V.P. Sally Johnson who made a decision, but rather Bot XYZ that made a decision, how different would things be? That’s a question that many organizations are asking in the hopes that it wouldn’t be much different for their employees, but that it could help their bottom line and it could help them to be more efficient.

As the AI revolution plays out, expect your organization to change. It will change because it can, it will change because it needs to in order to compete in a new world, but none of that change will automatically be a bad thing. As an HR leader, you will be in a position to help implement the technology in a way that’s beneficial and sensible to the organization and to the people it is meant to serve.

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