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EI Talent Audit

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EI Talent Audit

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As the HR Professional you should look more broadly across your organization to determine if there are emotional intelligence competencies that are critical for success across several jobs or job families. This is likely the case. Therefore, you will want to determine this by conducting a talent audit for identifying Emotional Intelligence Competency trends. You do this by administering an EI Test or you can estimate through a subject matter experts’ ratings of the EI Competencies for all the individuals within the organization or a particular population such as your people managers. Then you aggregate the results across job levels, job families, business divisions or regions to identify Emotional Intelligence Competency trends. This information when looked at across the entire organization, can give you some really great insights into your talent.

Craig Haas


Craig Haas

Dr. Craig Haas is a Management Consultant and Executive Coach at Advantage Performance Group with over 15 years of experience in helping companies select high quality talent and develop leaders.


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