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Emotional Intelligence is still in the early stages of development as a psychological construct. The current EI tests have been shown to offer some value but not nearly what the hype around EI would lead one to believe. As the research develops, we can expect to see more elaborate models of Emotional Intelligence and more impactful EI tests.

Emotional intelligence has made its way into everyday language and despite its critics, it is growing in popularity and slowly earning its right as a topic worthy of further research.

You will find these Emotional intelligence programs not only being offered in business and Human Resources purposes but rather they are actually being used in schools. Several business schools are actually working to train their students to be more effective future leaders by teaching them about emotional intelligence competencies. But it won’t stop there, the movement of Emotional Intelligence training is growing. It is appearing in primary and secondary schools as well. In 2016, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence published a study about evidenced based methods for schools to systematically develop student’s critical social and emotional competencies. Stay tuned because it’s going to be a brave new emotionally intelligent world.

Craig Haas


Craig Haas

Dr. Craig Haas is a Management Consultant and Executive Coach at Advantage Performance Group with over 15 years of experience in helping companies select high quality talent and develop leaders.


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