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Contents of the DA Policy

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Contents of the DA Policy

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The typical form that I pull together for my clients has a few specific sections, starting with:

Section Number 1, The basics. This includes name, date of hire, department, supervisor’s name, and date the Disciplinary Action was presented.

Section Number 2 lays out the typical disciplinary action levels that in a perfect world, will be followed including level 1, a verbally documented conversation, level 2, a first written warning, level 3, a second written warning, and, level 4, a final warning, and level 5, termination.

Section Number 3 outlines the various types of issues that we may be dealing with such as a policy/procedure violation, absenteeism/tardiness, or performance transgression.

Section Number 4 includes the Incident Description and Supporting Details. This section must include the following information: time, place, date of occurrence, organizational impact, and all people present. This is basically the who, what, when, why, and how of the write up.

Section Number 5 is the Performance Improvement Plan (or PIP). This provides a section to write up the plan for improving the problematic behavior. In other words, the required actions to fix the issue as well as a date to get together again to review progress.

Section Number 6 is the Employee Acknowledgement. This is where the employee and the manager sign and date the agreement. I always advise including a statement that states: “Employee signature denotes the employee has received and read the contents of this Disciplinary Action. It does not automatically signify agreement.”

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