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Need & Motivation for Strategic Planning

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Need & Motivation for Strategic Planning

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So here we are today working in a business environment that is constantly changing, with advances in technology, globalization, and different work options.Therefore, it is imperative that an organization has short-term and long-term goals in place that align with what is needed. If they do not, then it’squite likely the organization will see failure, and it only takes ONE of your competitors to do it right!

A good strategic plan should be visionary, flexible, guide decision-making at lower levels, address critical performance issues, and balance the organization’s capability verses want.

The keys to effective strategic planning implementation include:

Number 1, complete and active executive support

Number 2, efficient and thorough communication

Number 3, employee involvement

Number 4, a complete organizational planning and competitive analysis, and

Number 5, a widespread understood need for a strategic plan

My final word on why you need a plan is ‘those who fail to plan, will plan to fail’.

Hayley Buonopane


Hayley Buonopane

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