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Password Managers

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Password Managers

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Most people store passwords either in their own head, or through a note-taking system with pen and paper. As I’ve mentioned, a password that is easy for you to remember is probably a weak one. Passwords which are more complex, but written down somewhere physically have other problems. That password is potentially able to be viewed by people in your home, office, or wherever it is stored. And because it’s something physical, it exists in that one place, and doesn’t travel with you wherever you are; it also cannot be copied and pasted, which makes entry annoying. All of these hassles contribute to people choosing to use weak passwords. Weak passwords seem to make life easier than strong ones.

That is until you are familiarized with a password manager. A password manager is an app or service which securely stores account information in a vault-like system. All of your data is stored in that secured environment, and then it is up to you to choose a nice strong password to secure the door to that vault. That one password becomes the only password in your life. Every other account login becomes as simple as clicking a button, like selecting the right key on your keychain.

There are many companies out there offering these services on an individual or corporate scale. Commonly they are cloud-based, so that you can access your passwords via your smartphone and through any computer you use. It’s an elegant, modern solution to an old problem.

The primary criticism you hear regarding this solution is that you are creating a single point of failure. If that vault is accessed illicitly, then the bad guys get everything. In theory, that’s true, however these password managers understand the threat, and offer you many methods of securing your vault that go beyond just a password.

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