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Passwords are one of the most common sources of frustration for all of us who use technology every day. It’s common for people to have dozens or hundreds of different accounts across their personal and professional life. And now with the addition of lots of internet connected devices and things, it can be overwhelming to manage them all.

When considering how to secure your accounts, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture goals. Passwords and other security measures exist to make sure you are the only person who can access your data or functions. From a personal and professional standpoint, your objective should also be to make sure that no one compromised account could lead to a domino effect of other accounts being breached.

The most common chain-reaction scenario involves an email account. Since your email is often the tool used to reset passwords for accounts, if an attacker can get into your email, then they can often force other accounts to reset passwords of their choosing, locking you out of your online life.

This potential threat is scarier now than ever in an age of smartphones where so often our work and professional lives exist side by side on the same devices. Everyone must be vigilant and follow best practices to ensure that a mistake at work doesn’t compromise their identity or personal accounts, and a carryover of personal actions doesn’t compromise their company or career.

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Michael Wilson

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