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Why Focus on Strategy?

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HR as a Business Partner

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Course Duration: 1 hr 5 mins
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You’ve likely heard that YOU, the HR professional, are a strategic business partner. But what does that really mean? When your fellow team members mention the strategic direction of the company, where do you fit in?

Human Resources brings a great deal of value to an organization. The profession has changed significantly over the past 20 years. Today’s HR Pro is expected to not only wear multiple hats associated to an employee’s life cycle, but also act as a business leader, one who can guide an organization through and around a continually changing economic landscape.

The primary goal of this course is to help you understand what business strategy is and how you, the HR pro, can act as a mighty force multiplier in its implementation. After setting the foundation with key terms, the focus will turn to the importance of communication and explain what expertise you provide in People Development, Organization Structure and Change Management.

Take this course to better understand your value and role as a strategic business partner. As a result, you will lead your team and workforce to the successful implementation of its business plan and achievement of its key performance objectives.

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Title: Why Focus on Strategy?
Module: Setting the Foundation
Duration: 3:27

Why focus on strategy? Successful organizations know where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. They know why they exist.

Much has been written about the differences between mediocre vs. good organizations and then good vs. great organizations. It is not my desire to add more to that discussion. Authors such as Jim Collins of "Good to Great" have certainly increased our awareness of the necessity to not only be satisfied with being just a "good" organization, but rather to strive to be great.

I want to take a simpler approach to what I see are three characteristics of "great" organizations. "Big Data" and research driven models are definitely en vogue in today's corporate environment.

Certainly, as Human Resources professionals, change agents and organization development or OD professionals, we know that when presenting opportunities to executives we should come armed with quantifiable data to support our HR and OD initiatives….no question about that.

However, from simply an anecdotal standpoint coupled with just my own observations over the past several years, I am convinced that if organizations do just three things great, they can truly be a "great" organization. I have taught hundreds of graduate students over the years and have worked with countless organizations from a wide range of industries. What I find interesting, is that, regardless of industry, organizations that execute these three broad categories well are probably "great" organizations.

The three categories are… Number 1, Organization Vision, the reason they exist, Number 2, A Well Planned Change Management Strategy, and Number 3, they have Great People Skills.

Sounds too simple to be true, right? Just three things? I call this the Success Triangle. I am not a research professor, much of what I teach is from over 16 years of teaching hundreds of students and working with many organizations. This course is a common sense approach to strategy development rooted in years of anecdotal thought and observation.

Let's think this through a bit more. Maybe a definition of a great organization is appropriate here. If I were to ask you, “what makes an organization great,” how would you respond?

Some may say an organization is great if our company's equity grows and out paces our competition. Others may look to their market share as their definition of greatness. Perhaps others view themselves as great based on the number of years they've been in existence. You've probably heard these reasons in the past. My non-academic definition of a "great organization" is rather raw and much different than these.

I define a great organization as follows: If we were to ask 100 people in your community what the greatest organization/company/non-profit is in a particular industry, if greater than 80-90 percent of them mention one over all the others, then that one organization is probably a great organization. Let's flesh this out a bit more in the next lesson.

Instructor: Scott Pitts

Scott has spent nearly two decades in the human resources, learning and organization development professions. Scott has led multiple organizations and has taught hundreds of students on effectively creating and implementing business strategy, managing change, and designing effective learning solutions.

Scott is also an Associate Adjunct Professor of Training & Development, as well...

Scott's Full Bio

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