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Non-traditional Applicants & Talent Mobility

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The Role Assessments Play in Talent Management

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Course Duration: 2 hrs 5 mins
  • SHRM Professional Development Credits: 2.0
  • HRCI General Recertification Credits: 2.0
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If you had a way to better ensure your organization was hiring the best candidate for a job, internally promoting the best employee and maximizing the potential of its workforce, wouldn’t you try it? Research tells us that nearly 80% of companies with 100 or more employees utilize talent assessments in the recruitment of external hires. This course will not only discuss their use in talent acquisition but also in on-boarding and in on-going talent development. The content is designed for you, the HR professional, to learn about these great tools and how to use them during major phases of the employment cycle.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate the different places in the employment cycle where talent assessments can be used.
  • Understand what to look for in order to determine the quality level of a talent assessment.
  • Categorize a talent assessment & how best to use it.
  • Determine which talent assessments are appropriate for positions with a high or low volume of applicants.

Add Talent Assessments to your HR toolkit. Better enable yourself and your management team to win the war for talent and drive business performance.

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Title: Non-traditional Applicants & Talent Mobility
Module: Talent Acquisition: Internal Candidates
Duration: 3:21

Some of the benefits of open promotion of job opportunities to current employees is, of course, that you are encouraging talent mobility and increasing the volume of internal applicants who can be considered for the role. However, there are some interesting scenarios that can arise when you do this that should be discussed. Some of these previously unknown applicants will inevitably have the appropriate abilities and skills as well as a successful performance track record within your organization, or perhaps, another line of business, function or different geography of the firm.

The organization would benefit from retaining and developing these folks in other roles where their capabilities could be leveraged successfully.

But how willing is the organization to place internal applicants in non-traditional career paths based on the applicant’s capabilities, fit or ‘can do’ and successful track record if the applicant has tangentially related work experience and ‘hasn’t quite done this job yet’?

You see, this group of internal applicants represent the hidden gems in your talent pool. They have proven their value to the organization and they’re looking for ways to stay engaged in new roles at your firm. So how can HR help hiring managers ensure that these non-traditional applicants get the chance to prove that they are serious contenders?

Well, talent assessments are specifically created to measure the levels of job-related KSAOs of applicants, and they would be providing a fair and objective way of comparing internal candidates with very different work experience backgrounds but overlapping skill sets.

Which assessments would be appropriate in this case? The job analysis would guide your choice of which specific assessments to include. Some assessments that you may want to consider, if applicable, are some combination of a general mental ability test, specific mental ability tests, skills tests and/or technical knowledge tests, as some of these will demonstrate what the candidate can currently do.

Remember you are looking here to determine what strengths can this employee leverage as they cross-over into a different job role. For example, someone from the finance department or marketing department who has experience creating pricing models will likely have advanced MS Excel and statistical skills that could be applied in a new HR analytics role even if they have limited HR experience. Additionally, a Big Five Factor personality test can be used to show how the applicant will approach the work and interact with others. And that can be helpful in showing the non-traditional applicant’s level of fit to the job and work group.

As we mentioned in a prior lesson, after the hiring decision is made, these assessments’ results should be shared in a format designed for ongoing career development. This last approach to talent mobility I just described is still an employee self-nomination approach. While this is certainly better than the previous options discussed since it creates opportunities, career paths and internal mobility, it is still in the end, a passive approach.

Instructor: Craig Haas

Dr. Craig Haas is a Management Consultant and Executive Coach at Advantage Performance Group with over 15 years of experience in helping companies select high quality talent and develop leaders.

His specialty is talent assessment for enterprise wide talent acquisition and leadership development initiatives. Craig is also a talented training facilitator. He also serves as an...

Craig's Full Bio

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